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Given that resources are declining rapidly and petroleum fibres are not the greenest, it is time to look for more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.


Our goal from Spiral Fibras is to always satisfy any type of demand or need that our clients request from us. All our fibers are always manufactured under our requirements and for our brand.


We are continuously betting on new products that before being marketed are subjected to pressure and fatigue tests, to check density, durability and elasticity.

The quality of our products is our endorsement.


We search sustanaible fillers, Spiral Fibras is commited to recycled fibers and natural fibers.

  • Natural Spiral Fiber Biodegradable.
  • Bamboo Spiral fiber.
  • Bamboo Spiral fiber - Biodegradable.
  • Biodegradable Spiral fiber.
  • Polyester fiber Spiral down light.
  • Polyester fiber Spiral down superlight.
  • 100% Recycled Polyester fiber HCS.
  • Polyester fiber Spiral soft.
  • Virgin Polyester fiber HCS Spiral.
  • Polyester fiber HC BS-5852 (flame retardant).


We have advice service, assembly and machinery installation for the upholstered piece of furniture, textile home..., as well as their sale and after-sales service of:

  • fiber carding machine + bale opener;
  • filling machine + table + scale; 
  • fans;
  • press machines, cushions and pillows;
  • roll pillows; 
  • crushers rubber scum;
  • crushers padding and cloth;
  • cutting rubber scums;
  • mixers;
  • pneumatic working tables;
  • etc.


In Spiral Fibras, you will always find a wide range of products and permanent stock with the best product quality, unbeatable service and continuous innovation.


Our fibers are produced under an extremely high level of exigency in all production process...all this makes our fibers for filling have less weight than the others, more flexibility, durability and resistance.


We are characterized by a corporate social responsibility in which our professionals care about the wishes of the clients before offering them the solution that suits them.


After knowing the need of a customer, we strive to offer you the most suitable product and meet your expectations.

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